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Jack‘s Inn 54 - This is a rough, strong-featured, uncompromising and nostalgic vintage lifestyle, aimed at people who have a taste for traditional values, craftsmanship, quality and individuality coupled with a pinch of independence and freedom. We at JACK`S INN 54 are deeply rooted in the stylistic elements of the past, which are reflected in many facets of our collections. We love the old traditional craftsmanship and the individual style of each product. We appreciate the value of our certified raw materials, which are chosen by us with the utmost care and which are used in our work. Each product is by the nature of the processing and finishing an absolutely unique, which develops its own unmistakable character by handling and use.



We at JACK`S INN 54 enjoy bringing people together who share a common passion for one cause.


The name of the brand „JACK`S INN 54“ is a metaphor, a symbol of a bar in the style of the 50s, in which people meet in different directions, spend time together, laugh, have fun, tell stories and rejoice together. We convey this character at the numerous events and festivals that we travel all over Europe throughout the year. We are very proud to look back on a steady growth of the brand and a big circle of friends. JACK`S INN 54 has become a meeting place where different people and grous come together. Whether it‘s bikers, rockers, classic car lovers or other individualists. Everyone connects JACK`S INN 54 with a great atmosphere and an exciting time among friends. So it is particularly nice to mention that our products also contain a high emotional value, which constantly reminds the owner of the time he spend at Jack's Inn 54.


The brand JACK`S INN 54 looks back on a turbulent and exciting background. The career path is not a common thread that runs straight through our lives, but is rather the result of a chain of many factors that could not have been better and more compatible. A common passion, for example, the desire to do something new and to stand firm, to realize one‘s own style as well as the gathering and targeted use of experience. The attention to the details of each product are on a very high level. Ralf Ebkemeier, owner and visionary, can look back on a now 30-year professional career, which has brought him a lot of experience in the field of production and product design of bags and wallets. But traditional values ​​such as loyalty and friendship have been constant companions in the creative process. These years of experience and the associated virtues are now reflected in the quality, design and philosophy of the brand.



Inspired by these thoughts, we make every effort to design our quality products for the people who share our passion for nostalgia, tradition, high quality and friendship with us being absolutely uncompromising in terms of presentation and design. Our bags and wallets are as rough as asphalt, as pithy as life itself, and with the screaming complex JACK‘S INN 54 design, each product tells its own little story. The soul and character of JACK`S INN 54 are frequently used terms, which, illustrate the values ​​of the brand.